We’re proud to announce that November 1, 2016, marked the return of Quest to the IT solutions market. The resurgence followed Quest’s divestiture from Dell Technologies Inc. (where it operated as Dell Software Group) and subsequent acquisition by Francisco Partners, a San Francisco-based private equity firm. For the past several months, INK has worked with Quest’s executive leadership to develop the brand strategy and positioning, determine the name, create its new logo and identity system and design the rebranded marketing materials.The name Quest was selected for its positive legacy in the market, intellectual property and SEO value. One of the milestone moments in the brand develop process was INK’s recommendation to remove “Software” from the brand name, which freed the brand to go beyond products and elevate the brand promise to “solving technology problems that stand in the way of customers’ success and their ability to innovate.”

“Quest is a strong brand name that has been recognized and trusted for decades,” said Darin Bartik, former Vice President Marketing at Quest. “It was vitally important that we maintain the strength of the Quest brand while recasting it in a new, evolved light. We felt the team at INK was the perfect partner for developing and executing upon that strategy.”“We successfully repositioned Quest for acquisition by Dell Software in 2012, which is a testament to our ability to take a brand to the next level—even when it’s already a marquis brand,” stated Todd Henderson, President of INK. “We are excited to come full circle within the B2B technology market and help Quest take its renewed brand to the next level as well.”

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